What is Korple

We design and make simple and innovative products for synths.

Korple was setup in 2017 by me, Andy Turner an artist and designer based in Sheffield, Synth City.

It started as a simple need for a tilted end cheek for the microKorg. The problem was that no-one needs to be removing angled end cheeks when they want to move their synth or pack it in a case to go gigging. So the idea turned into the Swingcheek. A simple and elegant way of tilting up an instrument when you need it without cumbersome angled end cheek you need to remove.


I don't just make things
www.supermachine.co.uk – personal website as a CGI artist and director.

www.panocapture.com – My HDRi photography resource for CGI Artsits.

www.ten24.info – The website of Ten24, the artist collective that I’m part of.