Prototype stack connectors for the Volca Swingcheek Cases.


A lot of people love the Volca Swingcheek cases and one of the big things I always wanted to do with the design was to make it semi modular so that you could stack them together in an easy way.


Theres been a lot of interest in this aspect over on the Synthesizer Freaks and Korg Volca Users Facebook groups so I’ve been working on various designs and I thought I’d show off the one I think is the best solution and my personal favourite layout.

These are the first working prototypes that show how the stack connectors work. It means you can take two Swingcheek Cases, remove the legs, which is a case of firmly but carefully wriggling them off the axles, and slotting in the stack connectors. There’s a gap between the two cases which is large enough to get your sync, output and also MIDI cabling through without having to dismantle the case. The connector is designed with cabling in mind so you can pass all your cables through the opening and keep things nice and neat. Especially good if you have more than 2 volcas. 

Since the connectors sit flush with each other you could have a bank of volcas stacked 2 high by however many you like wide!

Currently these prototypes are 3D printed, however if there’s enough interest we’ll be into batch runs of these laser cut from acrylic or even plywood. Possibly painted, possibly raw… Who knows!




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